Saturday, 27 September 2008

A week to go...

Eek! One more week until I jet off to Vikingland for my second foreign adventure this year. I've decided to set up this blog not because I enjoy publishing my life on the web (and know how much you want to read about it ;)) but so that my chums might keep track of my Svenska antics (btw that means 'Swedish' in...Swedish)! And hopefully stay in contact with me. Having never lived in another country before, let alone a country where they speak a singsong mixture of gobbledegook (sorry dear Swedes, but, it's true), I really don't know what to expect. It's all going to be a wonderful surprise!!!

Isn't it just a little bit adventurous though? Don't you think I'm just a little bit brave to even try?? And, dare I say it, isn't it rather...romantic?! I believe you should grab opportunities when they arise, and this seems too crazy and exciting to pass by. John has promised to help all he can (damn right!) in making the settling in period as easy as poss. And I'm looking forward to it! John suggested I set up this blog now so I can look back on my current feelings in a few months. Well, there's a mixture of stuff going on in my brain...mainly sludge...but I can say I'm excited, nervous, sad (to leave everyone at home, of course) but ultimately open-minded. Let's just see what happens!