Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Round 2...and some sandwiches

At the weekend I attempted a second go at the fun-but-frustrating frisbeegolf! Was I any better? Well 2 points haha! This time there was more competition (Madde, Oscar and Alle) but hey, it's not the winning, it's the taking part that counts!! The dreaded Swedish winter is slowly closing in, it's like an English December and it's still October for crying out loud. So Madde took me shopping for a coat, and then we mooched along to the Nobelmuséet which was MOST interesting! Another week of changing nappies and wiping spittle from my clothes has commenced and tomorrow we celebrate Halloween - I'm going as a devil baby, it seems so appropriate. Oh yeah! and John managed to bring home a feeeew more free sandwiches from work - anyone for a sarnie partay?!

Look at me on my tippy toes! So graceful...

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Living for the weekend

As a working gal (hoho) I'm beginning to appreciate the weekends again... well it's been a long time! My first week at the pre-school was pretty gruelling and I've had to harden myself to non-stop, ear-piercing screaming and the dreaded 'code brown' diaper change - noooooo! So we thought we'd make the most of Saturday, which we both had free, and explore the area where John used to live (Smedslätten), then boogie around Drottningholm Slott (the royal castle) and finish off with a round of Frisbeegolf (teehee!). Let's just say I wasn't a natural at aiming the frisbee into baskets distanced approx. 15 miles from where you're supposed to throw it...but I tried my best! As you can see:

Monday, 13 October 2008

KBS 19 and some news...

Here is my new, humble abode. It's petite but cosy! I have yet to make my mark...I'm thinking of ditching the Man Utd shrine for lots of flowery decorations, pink fluffy stuff, and a Moomin appreciation corner. Ya reckon?

Oh yeah, and I went for an interview today for a teaching assistant job... and I got it! As of tomorrow (yes, tomorrow!) I will be looking after 1-6yr olds and teaching them, like, stuff. Prepare for my excellent maths skills children!


That's right, I'm now an official member of KBS! I've been in Stockholm 5 days now, and it's already starting to feel familiar. I have a handy map to help me around, but it's so easy getting from A to B that I hardly need it. On Friday night I had a great time out with Madde (John's sister) and her best friend Diana as part of a birthday celebration - it was on a 'gay boat' ha! Everyone is so welcoming and I feel like I'm already making friends. So here are a few pics of my surroundings, not bad really.... ;)

Monday, 6 October 2008

Not quite there yet

Nope, I've been all ill! Struck down by the dreaded flu that's taken out two other Mitchells and it's really nasty. I'm on the mend now, but it did mean I had to buy a new flight. It's for the best really, I don't wanna infect all the healthy Swedish people! Hopefully the stinking tonsillitus will go down and free my mouth of pain soon.

So I'm flying out on Thursday 9 October, and currently trying to organise my life and all my packing, nooo! I've made a start, kind of, but the real challenge will be to keep my baggage weight under Ryanair's puny 15kg - that's nothing! Maybe I should just wear all my clothes on the plane...hmm...

Meanwhile, here are a few gems from mine and Kim's birthday bash - Kim you spoony genius!!