Saturday, 28 February 2009

Oscars and Fat Tuesday

I don't think I've ever watched the entirety of the Oscars. I often stay up for the first few awards and find myself nodding off around the 'Best Cinematography' category. But it's a bit of a tradition, here at KBS, to celebrate the yearly ceremony in proper Swedish style. So we did just that, and yes we stayed up for the whole thing! Only problem was that my SFI course (Swedish for Immigrants) started the next day, and as I went to bed at 6am there was no way I was going to get up after one hour's sleep. Turns out I didn't miss much, and so far the course is a complete joke. At least it's free! If things don't improve I'm heading back to Folkuni. where you actually learn stuff...

Another Swedish tradition (celebrated by ALL Swedes!) is Fettisdag - Fat Tuesday! What on earth is Fat Tuesday? Traditionally, Swedes would eat Semlor (see above and below) every Tuesday 8 weeks before Easter ( and on the same day back in ol' Blightey the English celebrate Shrove Tuesday and scoff many many pancakes. So Semla-day is like a weird version of that, only with sweet bread rolls filled with almond paste and LOTS of cream. Like a creamy, sugary burger - mmmm! What will they think of next??

A Semla bun


Wednesday, 18 February 2009

What a Weekend!

Took an ultra quick trip home last weekend in order to participate in a few important events, and to say 'Hej!' to the family of course. Thanks to my mother's generosity I was flying with BA (ooooh fancy!), so the 3 day trip to Ryanair's far-flung airports was replaced with a speedy 20 min journey on the Arlanda Express (ooooh expressy!). First up on Saturday was a rather excellent production of 'The Winslow Boy' where Hugh played little Ronnie at the Salisbury Playhouse. It was really very professional, and a thousand times better than plays I've seen in the West End. Let's hope they get to take it on tour!

Saturday was also little-big-Joey's 21st birthday, but we celebrated on Sunday at the fairly dapper 'Brasserie Blanc' in Winchester. Raymond cooked us up a delicious meal (not personally, sadly) with a fair few family members in attendance. I think I'd travelled the furthest! All in all it was a lovely few days at home, however brief, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again on 28th March :).

Digging into the puds! The chocolate mousse was the best
Hugh saying something raucous
Sipping champagne, as is our wont haha!


Joey looking strangely similar to an earless lamb

Monday, 9 February 2009

There's something about Cuba

I can't say that my life is normally filled with all things Cuban, but this last week seems to have been an exception. First of all I attended a 'Kuban Fest' held by Yaima, a Cuban gal from Folkuniversitetet. She's the most flamboyant, eccentric person I've met since being in Sweden, and her get-together certainly didn't disappoint, given the platefuls of addictive Cuban food (black rice, spicy meat, salty fried bananas!), the samba/rumba music, and the friendly company.

Second, I was skyping (yes it is now officially a verb) with the family when they suddenly dropped this: "Oh yeah, did you know that Hugh has a part in a film...which they're shooting in Cuba?"....umm what!? That's right, he has an all-expenses-paid holiday to Cuba AND gets his mug on the big silver screen. I'm generally not a jealous person, but this is pushing things somewhat.

Ah least I can speak Swedish...sort of.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

My new German friend Carina has a very special skill - she's a graphic designer. And she's also very generous, having kindly designed my very own website. It's basically an online version of my CV, the CV of the future you might say. Not quite finished yet, I still have to update a lot of the information, but so far it looks pretty professional.

Check it out:

Now who wouldn't want to employ me!? C'mon people, I don't want to be a barnflicka forever...

Monday, 2 February 2009

A p.s.

Min lille bror Hughey McMitchell is currently playing THE Winslow Boy at the Salisbury Playhouse. It's on throughout Feb so go and see it if you have a chance! Here's a link to the theatre's website where you can see some cast photos:

and here's an excellent review of the play. including a little something about Hugh!

Break a leg old boy!!!

Jag talar svenska!...And other strange tales...

Hello again! The delay in blog posting has been due to my extreeeeeme dedication to the Swedish studies...or maybe it's because I'm a bit lazy...but the Swedish has been really intensive! I'm into the last week at Folkuniversitetet having really enjoyed the last 3, and will definitely miss the crazy bunch of people we have in the class. Shall I attempt to impress? *clears throat*

Så...jag pratar lite svenska nu, och jag kan säg 'Kan jag få en chokladmuffin och en te?' på en kafe. Det är jättebra! Men, när man prata med mig, jag förstår inte ibland. Svenska är svårt! Jag ska plugga på SFI snart, och jag hoppas det är lika roligt som Folkuniversitetet!

If you cannot speak Swedish (and I mean, who doesn't!?!) you can translate this at Google Translate: It's my new best friend. So a quick low-down on what I've been up to. Well my role as Nanny McMitchell (thanks to Scoin for that name) is going well, and the 3 kids seem to like me hurrah! I get some good excercise pushing the double buggy up 45 degree angled streets, too! I've made some great friends at Folkuni. who I hope to stay in touch with and who share my new love for Muffin Bakery. And I had an enjoyable weekend just gone, celebrating Madde's 21st birthday! Please see pics below:

Madde's bday middag med sin pappa
Bday brinks for the bday tjej!
Cutting the incredibly DELICIOUS cream kaka!
My first crayfish at Madde's mammas hem
John mauling Darja
Madde's homemade cocktails - det var gott!
And lastly,

A few of my new friends from Foluniversitetet at our 'Raclette evening' ooh!