Saturday, 21 March 2009

Limerick and Leprechauns

It seems the Swedes know how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day as well as the Irish, perhaps because it's a good excuse for a partay. Needless to say, on the 17th we joined the celebrations at a 'traditional Irish pub' called Limerick, complete with green beers, green hats, flags and plenty of Guinness! If only I actually drank beer....

There was one fake little Irish fellow who went all out for the occasion. I should have seen it coming, or at least suspected something when he called me saying "I'm going to be late, I'm still getting ready". This coming from a man who can get out of bed and be dressed and out the front door in 3 minutes flat. So I was patiently waiting for J to join me when suddenly I see THIS person walking towards me:

Oh. Dear. God. I believe my first question was, "Is that permanent!?!?" Happily, it was not. Given his height, he made quite a convincing little leprechaun...HA!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

This is the News

Excerpts from our local Stockholm newspaper...this is the shocking level of crime in Sweden's capital city:

Sunday 8th March, 4pm

"A student leaves her bag in a changing room whilst she plays 'innebandy' (svensk sport). When she returns to the changing room her mobile and keys have been STOLEN!!!!"
- I assume the police are combing the area for clues as we speak.

Monday 9th March, 9.01am

"A 29 year old woman working on a building site gets her foot stuck between a container and a fork lift."
- No mention of a rescue operation here, we can only guess she is still stuck there.

And the best story of all:

Sunday 8th March, 10am

"An 82 year old woman in her apartment lays a cigarette on the counter in her kitchen. Some washing up cloths are lying nearby and suddenly catch alight. The woman throws the cloths into the sink and puts out the fire."
- HAHAHA!! I don't mean to laugh at the little old woman, I'm sure she was suitably startled by this incident, but is this really the extent of local 'news'!? I eagerly await a front-page article about a kitty-cat stuck up a tree...any day now...

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Swedish Springtime!

Several more inches of snow have settled in the last week - will it ever end!? The wintery weather did provide an impressive spectacle last weekend however, when I walked on ice for the first time. It was thick enough to bear the weight of hundreds of walkers, and what normally stretches out to sea as a huge body of water known as the Mälaren suddenly transformed into a solid mass of ice and snow. Even a hot dog stand had plonked itself on the 'ice field' and was doing an impressive trade!!

Standing on a buoy!
Dressed for Spring...
Walking on ice

The fearless hot dog stand