Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Alex Pettyfer?
Hugh is currently starring in a new horror film coming out in the UK called 'Tormented'. There are a few familiar faces, other than his scary mug, so despite being fairly budget it seems to have attracted quite a bit of press. Strangely enough, Empire magazine has featured his little face in their review....could they be mistaking him for Alex Pettyfer!?! See what you think...

Hugh Mitchell?

Monday, 18 May 2009

1 år!

Scarily enough, John and I have known each other for a whole year. This time in 2008 I was winding my way through Cambodia; relaxing at the Happy Guesthouse (teehee!) in Pnom Penh and socialising with one crazy Swede (guess who), an entertaining Canadian/British couple, a few interesting Israelis, a lustful American and the most chilled Brit I've ever met. Things seem a bit different one year on, what with living in Sweden and all, but the crazy Swede is still very much in the picture.

We decided to mark the day with a picnic out in Djurgården - a beautiful island slightly removed from the city centre where you can sit by the water and relax in an almost rural setting. It's also along the ferry route so we were able to witness some Viking Line ships sail past - an imposing sight on such narrow waterways!

We've also been celebrating a marked improvement in the weather and temperature with plenty of BBQs recently. Our roof terrace comes equiped with a grill, fake grass and picnic benches, so various friends have been invited over to eat some freshly BBQ-d meat and soak in the late-afternoon sun. Not too bad, really... :)

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


On the 30th April Swedes celebrate the coming of Spring (Vår) by lighting bonfires and reciting funny little poems. They also wear sailors''s a strange tradition if you ask me. EJ and I decided to investigate by going to Skansen - Stockholm's simulation of rural Sweden complete with wolves, sheep, owls and....bison! Better be careful the next time I go walking in the woods...don't wanna come across any angry bison. But anyway, Skansen held the biggest bonfire in Stockholm - something we were very grateful of once the sun went down!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Shamrocks and a whole lotta Guinness!

John pouring his own pint at the Guinness Brewery
Bono's gate!!!

The second Ross Noble

Yes, it could only be Ireland. Even though the 'green island' is a short flight from the UK I've never been over, so when the opportunity presented itself in the form of Ross Noble's newest 'Things' tour, both John and I thouht it would be nice to pay a visit. And of course we were eager to see the home of Guinness and the Corrs!
We stayed at the not-quite-5* Ashfield House Hostel, which had the only advantage of being bang in the centre of the city. Saving money on accommodation meant we were able to splurge on other things, and we made sure to take in numerous Irish pubs (where John's fish n chips addiction resurfaced!) serving all manner of unhealthy and delicious foods! No visit to Dublin would be complete without a trip to the Guinness Brewery, and we were both impressed by the sheer scale of the 'museum' and the fact visitors could taste a bit of the black stuff in the 'Tasting Lab' and then enjoy a 'pour-your-own' pint whilst admiring a 360 degree view of the city from their Gravity Bar, ooh!

In a bid to delve into Irish culture and society we made sure to pay homage to one of Ireland's most important exports: Enya! We'd been tipped off that her elusive castle was nestled somewhere south of Dublin, and by sheer luck of running into a local who had obviously given out these directions before (or was perhaps one of her regular stalkers), we were able to admire her very grand....gate. Yes, it was a little too high for us shorties to see over! As luck would have it, Bono lives just round the corner so we paid his gate a visit as well :).

Dublin reminds me of little bits of Oxford, especially around Trinity College, and parts of London with the tall, brick terraced houses that look like they need a little TLC. The atmosphere was one of a lively city with plenty of arts and culture, even if the weather was extremely unkind to us! We ventured outside Dublin to Galway on the west coast, which I'm sure is a lovely place when it isn't being battered by gale force winds and driving rain. But then again, I'm English, I should be used to it!