Monday, 29 June 2009

Visitations of the Nav Variety

My second apartment-guest has just left after 4 days of intense Stockholm sightseeing and touristyness. Seeing the city through another person's fresh and interested eyes has reignited my love of it, and the weather has been GORGEOUS! Couldn't have asked for a better week or so, even if my poor shoulders are slightly paying the price.
Whilst Nav was here I tried to do things Rachel and I hadn't, so we visited the closest archipelago island Fjäderholmarna and gazed upon thousands of tall, tanned, sizzling was sickening :p. The ice cream was good though! We ate the 'cloudberry' flavour, which really is unlike anything you can get in England. We climbed the steps to the top of Stadshuset for fabulous views and even BBQd on the roof with Sarah and champagne - fantastic! Nav's trip was topped off with dinner at Hermans, a vegetarian restaurant in Södermalm, that serves a wonderful buffet fitting Nav's veggie needs to a T.
Next up comes Laura in 2 day's time, flying all the way from Hamburg. News from John tells that he's having a fab (if not chilly!) time in Greenland, and would by now have taken a midnight tour of the icebergs and a helicopter ride. Let's hope this Swedish heat holds out another week to warm his freezing limbs when he returns!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

How Very Cornish!

Scoin McPasty (what a great pseudonym!) has been in town since Monday and clearly brought some Cornish sunshine with her - it's been more than 22 degrees all week! It seems the Swedish summer has finally arrived, just in time for John to pack himself off to Greenland where apparently the temps will vary from a chilly 4 to 14 degrees. Ouch! At least the scenery should make up for it...
Needless to say, over here in the land of beautiful, tall, tanned Swedes both Scoin and I look ever so British with our beetroot-red sun burns and white skin everywhere else...but we don't care! Over the last few days we've visited Drottningholm Slott by boat - the home of the Royal Family - wandered through Old Town, taken in some Swedish art at the National Museum and eaten a fabulous meal at the aptly named 'Kungsholmen' restaurant, on Kungsholmen! I didn't recognise any, but I've heard this is a regular celebrity-spotting eatery, and we could see why with its trendy interior, funky crowd and ever-so-cool waiters. It was a good thing that we're just as trendy, funky and ever-so-cool (HA!)...but we were really tempted to order the fish n chips! Well, you can take the British gals out of Britian, but you can't take the Britishness out of the gals!!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Images of Sweden

These are some of my favourite pictures taken this month:

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Big Little and Babyface come to town!

It's always fun to sound intelligent and knowledgeable, and I'm sure Joey and Nick will attest to my being both as their Stockholm city guide! Well, I showed them a good time at least, and in their 4 day visit we managed to take a lot in. Stockholm is best seen on foot or by boat, both of which we managed, as well as a trip out to one of the islands in the archipelago: Vaxholm. We dined at Mäster Anders (a fairly famous local Swedish brasserie/restaurant), enjoyed a must-have muffin at Muffin Bakery, meandered through Old Town and sat watching the boats go by out at Djurgården. It was swede-tastic! Squishing into the little apartment wasn't too much of a problem, even though we had to deal with Joey's sleep talking....

My next visitor will be Scoin in just over one week's time! This is when John heads off on his Greenland adventure, so we'll have to try and outdo him in general fun and exciting activities ;). On Sunday he comes back from Uppsala, where he's been hibernating as a guineapig for the last 3 weeks..metaphorically speaking! Being tested on with new drugs isn't a job many people would step forward for, but John hasn't grown any extra ears just yet. Perhaps we can assume he is as normal as he always was. Which isn't very!

Cutest tea-room ever

On the roof at KBS!