Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Capturing a few fabulous moments this September.

Southampton Boat Show

25th Birthday Celebrations a la JB

Name in Lights

Well kind of. Name on the internet at least! My short placement at Business Traveller mag has proven very productive, and I can for the first time put my name to an article published on the internet for all to see. Click here to check it out (and marvel at my technological knowledge why don't you!).

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Next year, the Ritz!

24 isn't that old, at least I'm still closer to 20 than 30!! Birthdays seem to come around more quickly in your 20s, but this can only be a good thing because there's an excuse to celebrate and splash out more often :D. Indeed, my main gift this year was a little on the pricey side, but will serve me well for years to come and looks SO cute! I realise computers might not normally be described as "cute", but my new Acer Aspire One D250 really is the dinkiest little machine you ever did see.
With a birthday lunch at the rather refined Brasserie Blanc in Winchester, and a weekend stay with J at the Hilton London Docklands Riverside, I can't say I did too badly. The Hilton was very impressive, particularly for the bargain price of £35 each per night. For this we got a double room plus breakfast and use of their indoor pool! And I have to say, the Hilton's breakfast really clinched the deal. There was a spread that could have fed a small country. If I'd been greedy enough to try everything (I was tempted!) J would have had to roll me out of the restaurant.

Oh yes, and continuing the food theme (that's what birthdays are all about, after all!), thanks to Nigella for my birthday cake recipe: a dark chocolate, orange marmalade and pink icing extravaganza! The pink icing was my idea, becoming more of a river of icing once the 24 candles were lit...but it was damn tasty!
Me and Little Big at Brasserie Blanc

John's burger at Giraffe...there were gasps from other customers...

Swedish coffee shop next to Waterloo!

Monday, 7 September 2009


The Notting Hill Carnival came to town just a week ago. I visited for the first time last year and thoroughly enjoyed the madness, noise and upbeat vibe, so Harriet and I decided to brave the crowds again. We perched ourselves at a great spot near the Portobello Road, watching the multi-coloured-multi-cultured processions bounce by and dancing along to the deafening beats. Arriving early was definitely the key; by 4pm the throngs were so thick and steady that it was almost too much for us poor country bumpkins! We safely retired to a nice open space to recover...